Consignment Application

Looking for consignment products.

Do you have a brand? Do you carry hand crafted or curated products that you would like to see in our mall store here in Ontario Canada?
Maybe even added to our online store where we ship worldwide?
Are you looking to get your products in front of a larger audience?
Check out our socials for more info on our brand. Tiktok, Insta and everything else! @roedayos
Check out our product line on our website and see what you might have that would fit with us!


What is consignment with Roedayo's?

  • We will carry your products in our beautique store at the Fairview mall in St Catherine’s ON Canada.
  • You will have the option of adding it to our website and the option to have us feature on our socials as well.
  • We will sell it under your brand available through us.

How does selling work?

  • We will agree to take on inventory that  matches our niche that we do not carry under our own brand.
  • We will set in store price, but will discuss your cost and suggested retail price before setting the price in the consignment agreement.
  • We will also discuss options on promotional sales and discounts with you.

How do we split profit?

For in store only 

When your products sell, we split the profit. 60% to you 40% to us. 

For online only or in store & online 

When your products sell, we split the profit. 55% to you 45% to us. 

We assume all risk, we cover rent, staffing, website costs, operational costs, payment processing and marketing. We cover taxes and shipping as well as packaging for shipping. We cover the commercial insurance on the product and assume the liability.

What happens if the items are not selling?

  • We suggest evaluating product every 3 months. It can take a bit of time for product to move, but we will update you monthly on sales and customer feedback  (ie this would be great in white, or a bit smaller, pricing ect)
  • If the product does not sell we will return it to you, or discuss clearance options with you.

How do I know what is selling or isn’t?

  • Sales and inventory of your products will be tracked, and reported monthly. 
  • We will be able to evaluate inventory on products on a monthly basis that way so you know what to concentrate on if we need to refill!
  • You can feel free to pop in and check during regular business hours or send us an email and we can give you an update!
  • If we suddenly run low on a product of yours, we will immediately reach out to you so you can plan to supply more (that would be the ideal problem to have! )

 How do I receive payments?

  • You will be paid for sales monthly, every 30 days on the 15th of the month. ie all June sales will be paid no later than July 15 and so on. 
  • We can PayPal, Etransfer, you can pick up cash or we can write a cheque. Up to you!

How do I sign up?

  • Fill in the application here and we will review and reach back out to you with any other questions within 2-7 days.
  • Once we have an agreement set up, we will draw up a consignment agreement to sign and discuss delivery date!

Is this for local only?

No way! We are open to any and all locations or countries. Please note that you are responsible for the shipping of the product to us and return shipping should you elect to receive unsold items back. We suggest pricing items with that cost in mind so you recover those expenses.

Application link here

Items we are most interested in and which have priority are as follows (watch for updates)

Crystals and accessories
Press on nails
Nail/cuticle oil
Hair accessories 
Hair care
Exotic/unique candies or snacks (packaged for sale)


Cosmetics to add to our branded collections 

Eyeshadow pallets and pots 
Skin care, Qua Sha/rollers/mits/oils (not scrubs or body butters)
We are open to anything else these are just some items we have pinpointed as a want. Please continue to application even if you do not offer the listed items!