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About Roedayo's

Roedayo's was a concept inspired by our love of high end products and beauty (aren’t we all a little boujee?) with an affordable price tag (aren’t we all a little broke?) and the two little people who inspire us and whom we love the most. Damon and Monroe.

“We” are Melissa and Emma, a mother daughter team, ( ya we are a bit codependent so we figured why not use that for success?!) who have worked together closely to create something for you that comes from our own individual dreams and our shared aspirations. Emma is the beauty (she’s the hip, young, adventurous one) Melissa is the brains (she’s the older, experienced, cautious one)

What we are best at is helping to make you feel good (and laugh, we will give you lots to laugh at) Through our trendy beauty products and services, to creating a fun and relaxing experience in person and online. ( wine is recommended when shopping, or anytime you are conscious really, is a good time for wine)

We want to reach you through self care, humour and important causes affecting our lives today. ( no joke here, we want you to live, laugh and feel good, and we want you to take care of each other too, and stand up for those who need us to)

What we have landed on is trends, with a focus on beauty.

We want to bring you all the latest trends in beauty and in pop culture, whether it is a beautiful new pair of lashes or the latest trends on a stylish product.

That's all for now babes! xoxo